Creating a Strong Foundation

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When you haven't been exercising for a long period of time you always want to ease into a routine progressively. Many people make the mistake of thinking that doing very strenuous exercises will yield better results faster, but it's not necessarily true. To build muscle mass and increase your body strength we need to change our bodies. This involves sleeping more effectively, exercising earlier in the day to ensure that you have extra energy for afternoon meetings and work periods.

Lifestyle changes will be essential to ensuring that your body actually is burning more calories than you are consuming daily, and help you avoid feeling hungry to begin with. When you eat intentionally, moving with purpose and a plan, you can end up doing a lot in a short period of time. With Clearly set out Goals, you can manage your progress, fine tune your techniques to ensure you get the best results and reach your goals faster than planned.

The reality is that some habits really do make HUGE changes in the Results we can obtain. The Power Hour is a simple idea that can yield immense effects in terms of productivity and the Quality of Life one can experience simply because they live a life with purpose.

Written by Bahador Khani

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