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POWER Hour Fitness is committed to creating a platform to provide Holistic Health services to the Public and to our Members. The platform provides essential services to Youth, Student Athletes, and at-risk communities.  We believe in the inherent unlimited potential each human being possesses when they believe in themselves and have the right people surrounding them, so they can make better decisions more often.


We are writing a book on the POWER Hour, which touches on different life skills that many elite performers and over achievers have in common, so you can understand how to transform your life by creating better habits.

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edwin baker

Certified Personal Trainer & Coach

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At a young age I realized the impact that eating certain foods had on my body. I was 12 years old when I stopped eating red meat. Over the years of playing at an elite level in the NFL I honed in on my mental training and took my performance to another level by unlocking a deep focus in the moment, and executing yard by yard.